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The Steering Group are made up from elected members and volunteers, whose aim is to continually grow the RCTA from its very solid foundations, and to raise the profile of Roving Traders on the waterways.

The main aims of the RCTA are:

1) To improve trading conditions and opportunities for all licensed traders through negotiations with CRT.

2) To raise public awareness of traders and our waterways in general.

3) To help and support potential and existing licensed traders throughout the waterways.


Steering Group Profiles

Below you’ll find profiles of the current Steering Group. Please feel encouraged to contact any of them to request further information, and they will respond as soon as they’re able to – in between their trading and personal commitments …


Andrew Mills – Chair, CRT Liaison and Traders’ Liaison

Hi there. I’m Andrew Mills and trade from nb Little John selling wooden gifts and practical bits and pieces for boats.

I’ve had a varied career starting straight after college by being exactly what I am now, a self employed woodworker. In between I’ve worked in vocational education, starting off in a community training workshop and progressing over the years to Management NVQs at the Open University.

Seeking a change in direction, my last job was owner manager of a vegan bakery and wholefood shop staffed by a bunch of eco-warriors. How different is that!

Contact Andrew at:

Justina Evans – Secretary  

Hi, I’m Justina the Secretay. I live with Mark on nb Marmite with our 2 dogs Tonka and Reiko. I’ve lived aboard for almost 15 years now, and been a roving trader for 5 of those. Our main business is mostly internet based as Grand Rosettes, but we also sell haberdashery items and rosettes from the side of the boat.

Previously I was a self employed motorcycle instructor for 16 years, teaching all levels of students from the basic learner right up to advanced level. I’m also a qualifed mechanic, so quite happy to get down and dirty in the engine ‘ole!

I volunteered for the role after we were left with no Secretary & needed one to keep the RCTA going. In the past few years the RCTA has grown in strength & numbers so I believe we should keep on going with it to support it’s members & make the roving traders voices heard with CRT.

Contact Justina at

Ronni Payne – Treasurer, RCTA Facebook , Market & Events Coordinator

Hi, I’m Ronni and I fell into boating by accident … It all started with visiting an old friend on his boat for coffee, and never going home. Here I still am 11 years and 7 boats later; and loving every minute of it.

In my previous life I have been a trainee accountant, travel agent, market trader, administrator, first aider, to name but a few. But that all stopped when I moved on the boat with Yogi my beloved. I became a boater. I fell into my vocation as a knot tyer by accident too. I’ve always liked making things – crochet, wire work, potions and lotions. So when I didn’t have the cash to buy a full set of ready made fenders for boat number 3 (I think it was number 3), I bought a coil of rope instead, looked up fenders in books, (this was before Facebook and YouTube) and worked it out myself. The rope I had left was soon used up by the other boaters in the boatyard who had stood chatting to me while I made mine, giving me sideways glances and offering me lots of tea to make some for them too!! I do love my tea :0)

I know the founding members of the RCTA, I was about when it first started, and had just started trading myself. I think one of my first trading days was at an RCTA market. I was green, new and totally overwhelmed at the prospect of working for myself for the first time. But they were all really supportive, and helped me a great deal, giving me advice and pointers. You could see their passion for the waterways and the canal way of life. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have done as well as I have without their input and advice. That’s why I volunteered to help. I’ve had my benefits from the RCTA, I’ve had the help and advice, and I think it’s about time I took hold of the baton to do my bit to help others with what I’ve learned over the years.

I think I’m pretty approachable (as long as you approach me with a cuppa in your hand). I’m a Facebook addict, and am always popping in and out of Facebook, so it kinda made sense to me to volunteer for that.

Contact Ronni at OR

Other Steering Group Members

Gillian Cookson – Associate Secretary (non-Trustee)

My name is Gillian Cookson (although I prefer to be called Gill). I have recently joined the steering group. I have been married to Steve for almost 43 years. We have 2 children, and 4 lovely grandchildren. I trained as a hairdresser, and for many years I ran my own salon where I gained many skills in managing staff, dealing with the general public and all the other responsibilities of a small business owner.

I sold my business in 1996 and became a customer service adviser, and went on to become a department manager – again using the skills I already had and adding computer literacy to them.

In October 2000, the baseplate of our narrowboat Periwinkle was laid, and she went into the water in June the following year. Periwinkle is a 60’ narrowboat, built to our specification at Lower Park Marina on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. She was designed by us as a hotel boat, and for 14 summers we cruised almost the whole system with our guests, sharing our love and knowledge of the waterways. We thoroughly enjoyed these years, and met some lovely people, many of whom we now consider friends. Due to various personal reasons we decided that 2015 would be our final season.

It was our true love of the waterways that led us to hotel boating in the first place, and we still wanted to cruise the system, living and working from Periwinkle. We considered that operating as roving traders would allow us to do this.

As I’m sure most people know, one of the main features of a hotel boat is the excellent food that’s produced for the guests. We always finished the evening meal with a great cheese board, only cheese from the UK was presented. We do have some wonderful regional cheeses in this country. One thing we soon discovered, was that really good Lancashire cheese was difficult to find the further south we travelled.

We are both Lancastrians and proud of the fact. Also, in the area of Lancashire that we’re from, Chipping in the Forest of Bowland, there are several really good local family-run cheese makers within a 10 mile radius. We decided that we’d sell Lancashire cheeses, and other Lancashire products from mainly artisan producers.

As I’ve said we are proud Lancastrians, we feel passionate about the items we sell, and we love the waterways,. We have already met a few other traders and are really looking forward to meeting more, and supporting RCTA as much as possible.

Contact Gillian at:

Teresa Tunicliffe – Membership

Hi, I’m Teresa Tunnicliffe on board Nb Rainbow Chaser

My background is originally nursing, my speciality being road traffic accidents and head injuries, then, via a pikelet and a treacle mine, I’ve done sex education in schools, counselling, care of the elderly, telephone answering both commercial and medical, running nursing homes and managing them.

I’ve represented the private nursing sector at NHS meetings both planning and policy making,  been a member of The Institute of Management, and membership secretary for Women in Business, Birmingham, from its inception. I’ve also been successful in various party plan home sales ventures (when they were the thing!)

So when deciding I needed to DO something as we continually cruise, in my wisdom I thought 3d cards would be a great idea, saw some displayed and they caught my eye, never thinking about the sun, the wind, the rain! In retrospect I should’ve contacted RCTA before I contacted CRT  to get my trading licence 😀

So diversification was in order … ‘Unicornucopia’ sells a variety of miscellany: books, cards, home crafted items, etc. Our lives do not make it easy to plan … Children and grandchildren living in various countries, a house in Spain (trying to get rid of), etc, etc. The other half continues to cruise, or we pay for a mooring until I get back, and we join-up again. So markets are not actually our ‘thing’ at the moment, we just wanted to be legal whilst selling on the towpath.

I think independent businesses prosper from joining together to have a ‘mouth’ to speak to those who matter, those who will ultimately affect how we live our lives. The big boys do acknowledge and communicate with RCTA, and recognise them as an association run by, and for, its individual members.

The call went out for more help from the members, so I responded and hopefully, as a group, we will raise the profile even more and encourage folk to join and reap the advantages of  membership.

Contact Teresa at: 


 – New Traders’ Liaison – Currently Covered by Steering Group


Sue Meades – PR Communications (external), and Market Flyers and Posters

It all started for us about 10 years ago. Myself and my partner Colin had a lovely house in a beautiful part of Scotland, but stressful jobs in sales and timber frame design. One day we decided there’s more to life …

I had spent holidays on The Norfolk Broads with my parents as a youngster, then in my twenties lived on a wooden Broads boat in Oulton Broad for a while. The thing that had always stuck with me, was that feeling when you wake up in the morning on the water. It’s something very special. We travelled the country until we found Tin Lizzie, a 35-year-old 42ft Minden boat full of character. We bought her. We were hooked. This was the start of a 9-year journey of scaling down, planning, and waiting. We came across our current boat at Northwich. We travelled quite a lot on the Trent  and Mersey, The Shroppie, and the Staffs and Worcs canals during holidays and long weekends. Almost every other weekend we drove down from Scotland to be on board.

A lot had changed since we embarked on this dream, and that meant we now had to find a way to sustain a life on the cut. We’d heard about canal traders, so we came up with an idea and with help from CRT at Leeds, we secured our traders licence. We travelled to Norbury Wharf early in 2016, and met some of the traders, and everyone was really helpful with advice for our new adventure. Last May we eventually sold our Fish and Chip shop, and left Saville Wharf marina in Dewsbury to become continual cruisers and Roving Traders travelling the Leeds and Liverpool canal. That was our first season, we had no festivals or markets booked, and had no idea how to do it, but with help from RCTA and its members, we booked and traded at a number in 2017. When the RCTA reshuffle came about in October 2016, and they asked for volunteers I wanted to repay some of the help given to me, so I offered my services thinking my track record of 25 years plus in sales and customer service might be useful. I am enjoying with the rest of the new committee in taking the RCTA forward by gaining more exposure and raising the profile of the organisation.

We’re looking forward to meeting more fellow traders, attending some bigger markets and festivals, selling our bespoke design and printed-to-order ceramic mugs, along with wooden gifts personalised by Pyography, whilst continuing to work with the committee.

Get in touch with Sue at



Market Bookings Admin – Currently Covered by Steering Group



Jules Jarman – RCTA Instagram Lead

I am Julia, more commonly known as Jules, and I live on and work from our narrowboat with my husband Peter and our furry crew, of 3 dogs and a rather large Tabby cat.

We are continuous cruisers and our Roving Trading business is The Hippie Boat, which is our sole income source. We are now just into the 10th year of our boating adventure, which began when we took ‘a year out’ after Pete finished a 2.5 year project managing contract in Bangor, North Wales. We’d been living in rented accommodation on Anglesey and our own house in Swindon was rented out, so the timing was ideal. Although neither of us had any previous narrowboating experience, not even a holiday, we both love travelling and get itchy feet if we’re in one place for too long. We’d previously taken several months out in 2005 to explore France, Spain and Portugal in a 19 foot converted bus, so we knew that rubbing along together in a relatively small space would suit us fine. I still remember the sleepless night I experienced worrying about operating our first Lock! Our house is now long gone, and we love our life on the water.

Previously I worked in the performing arts in various capacities, founding and running an Arts Council Funded touring theatre company (still in existence), as a freelance drama practitioner/animateur, a theatrical agent representing young actors, head of Performing Arts in Further Eduction College delivering A-Level and BTEC syllabi, founding and fronting an agency supplying extras for film and TV and as an acting coach for various vocational performing arts schools.

I recently stepped up to become a member of the Steering Group. as the RCTA had been an extremely helpful resource when we first started trading. I want to give something back to an organisation (the only one of it’s kind) that exists for and on behalf of Roving Traders, but depends so heavily upon the willingness of members to volunteer time to help it maintain current activities develop successfully. Without the RCTA, Roving Traders would lose their collective voice. It’s up to all of us to help the RCTA to become what we want it to be, and to achieve what is in all Roving Traders best interests.

Contact Jules at:



Image by Colin Shearer