Barge-inn  booze

Barge-inn booze
Narrow boat off sales for your tow path refreshments promoting real ales.
Wayne Sadler 07456132164
Milly b 111 – (57) foot Narrowboat

Funky clothing, hats, accessories & musical instruments. Your festival one stop
Annette Smart 07546968291
Brave New World – (57) foot Narrowboat

Brian Greaves
Brian Greaves 07968019203
Bronte – (20) foot Narrowboat
Blacksmith and metal work designers


Holistic Therapist Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Reiki & Other Treatments.
BRIGHTSTAR – (45ft) foot Narrowboat

Cake on the Cut

Cake on the Cut
Cakes, Crepes & Crafts
Sam Keay
East of the Sun West of the Moon – (55) foot Narrowboat
Catering, floating cafes and home brewing supplies

Caledonia Glass

Caledonia Glass
Hand decorated glasswares created aboard narrowboat Caledonia.
Illia Price
Calidonia – (48) foot Narrowboat

Canal Art by Julie
Painted canal ware and items of canalia, tea towels, model boats etc.
Julie Tonkin 01384 569198
Lazy Daze – (57′) foot Narrowboat
Traditional canalware painters and artists

Linda Hollington 07826 118 195
Snuggly Buggly – (60) foot Narrowboat

candy boat
travels the canals selling sweets , fudge and soft drinks
gail levers 07725704371
candyboat – (58) foot Narrowboat

Cazs nibbles  ( the burger boat)

Cazs nibbles ( the burger boat)
Selling burgers, hotdogs, bacon & sausage butties hot drinks cakes sweets ect
Caz Collins 07855401483
Half mist – (45) foot Narrowboat

Chilligibbon’s Stringed Things
Chris Hicks
Cardinal – (57) foot Narrowboat

Coffee On t’cut and Vintage China
Christine Thompson
Andromeda No 5 – (70′) foot Narrowboat

Crafts from Morgana
Knitted and crocheted items, jewellery, rag rugs and more. All crafted onboard.
Lesley Jordan
Morgana Le Fey – (47) foot Narrowboat
Jewellery and fine beads (hand made)

Crafty Arthwyr
Selling silver work, leather, work, chutneys, jams, nuts and dog biscuits
Hilary Greenman
Arthwyr – (58) foot Narrowboat
Catering, floating cafes and home brewing supplies

Crocs The Vinyl Cut

Crocs The Vinyl Cut
Artwork cut into vinyl record by hand
Croc Lovell
Shelby – (58) foot Narrowboat

Crowson’s Canalware
Leslie Crowson
? – () foot

D & D Woodcraft
David Mason
Pendennis – (57) foot Narrowboat

Dave on Anon
David Dressler 07974351384
Anon – (70) foot Narrowboat
Leather Work

Draco Crafts
Michael Wooding
Draco – (70) foot Narrowboat
Artists, sculptors and designers

DV Design Studios

DV Design Studios
Alison Tuck
DaVinci – (62 ft) foot Narrowboat
Artists, sculptors and designers

Fenders and Fings
Jenny Maxwell
The Black Cat – (45) foot Narrowboat
Boat services, fenders and rope work

Fern Floating Fotographia

Fern Floating Fotographia
Fantasy and fairytale inspired Illustrations and Photographic prints.
Shiam Wilcox
Fern – (40) foot Narrowboat

Fi’s Fabulous Emporium
Various hand made unique crafts, hats, dog bandannas, leg warmers, garlands etc
Fiona Lewis
Calabrese – (50) foot Narrowboat

Floating Boatyard (LSC Boat Maintenance Ltd.)
Olivia Slater 07886 388 689
Perch – (37) foot Narrowboat

Floating dolly Lady

Floating dolly Lady
russian dolls on the cut
Joanne Pursglove 07734143425
Mingulay – (50) foot Narrowboat

Frocks and Prints

Frocks and Prints
Digital prints. Led on Glass Vintage clothing pretty tea dress to dungrees.
Sharon Tipp
Lady Claire – (52ft) foot Narrowboat

G C Woodcrafts
Routed wood signs and pyrography items
Gary Cottam 07850882931
Stripey Chuck – (69) foot Narrowboat

Glass Barge (The Glass Barge)

Glass Barge (The Glass Barge)
Fused Glass Jewellery made and sold from our on board gallery. Usually on the GU
Pam Kallender 07712247573
The Glass Barge – (70) foot Narrowboat

Grand Rosettes

Grand Rosettes
Justina Evans 07776146597
Marmite – (68) foot Narrowboat
Personalised Gifts

Haircuts Afloat

Haircuts Afloat
Haircuts or styling done in the comfort of your own boat.
Ann Sutton
Eclipse – (50) foot Narrowboat
Hairdressing, health and beauty services

Hand Made Crafts
Angela Dunham
Norfolk Belle – () foot Narrowboat
Eco friendly/organic/fair trade products

Handmade on Narrowboat Sunbeam
Sunbeam – (58) foot Narrowboat
Artists, sculptors and designers

Heidi Siggers
Heidi Siggers
Lucky 13 – (70) foot Narrowboat
Hand made crafts

Hooked Afloat

Hooked Afloat
Crochet garments, cabin lace, port hole cover and soft toys made to order .
Dawn Hales 07792558640
Chalico – (59) foot Narrowboat

Janul Publications
Author, singer songwriter and trader in imported jewellery. Steering Instructor.
Jan Knox 07850846495
Storm & BCN 108 & The Crimson Pirate – (34 & 72 & 72) foot Narrowboat

Krafts & Cakes
Handmade – Homemade Cakes, Fudges, Jams, Knitted Babyware, Decoupage, Ceramics
Karleen Cross
Myrtle – (58′ 6″) foot Narrowboat

La Barchetta Italia Floating Food
Morgan Schiavo
Edit Maud – (45) foot

LDK Print & Embroidery

LDK Print & Embroidery
We print & embroider personalised gifts & clothing.Official licencee for Koolart
Lisa Grainger 07932104576
Caitlin Jayne – (69) foot Narrowboat

Life on the Cut
Derek Thompson
Tyke – () foot
Traditional canalware painters and artists

Lily Limpet Treasures
Zerowaste lowimpact solutions. Upcycling repurposing. Refil station. Handmade
Julie Henderson 07762647874
Barnacle Bill & Lily Limpet – (49) foot Narrowboat

Little Pen’s Trading Company
Penny Holloway
Enfield – (30) foot Narrowboat

Lollipop Sweets and Gifts
We sell sweets and gifts from our canal boat Sugar Rush.
Marianne Reanney
Sugar Rush – (65) foot Narrowboat
Sweets, ice cream and specialised foodstuffs

Lowry Leatherworks

Lowry Leatherworks
Handstitched Leather Products
Paul Lowry
Jason – (60) foot Narrowboat

Maid Afloat

Maid Afloat
Gifts, bags & clothing made on the boat from upcycled fabrics
MaryAnne Robbins 07761222196
Etive II – (60) foot Narrowboat
Hand made crafts

Make It Shipshape

Make It Shipshape
Practical and attractive wooden products for boaters and the home
Andrew Mills
Little John – (68) foot Narrowboat
Wood sculptors/carvers/crafters

Molly d

Molly d
Christine 07936484538
Molly d – (57) foot Narrowboat

Mr David Enterprises
Brenda Scowcroft
Mr David – (57.5) foot Narrowboat
Hand made crafts

Mugs Afloat

Mugs Afloat
Find us at: or Facebook &Twitter @mugsafloat
Susan Meades, Trading Near
That’s D’riculous – (57) foot Narrowboat
Personalised Gifts

Mutt-Hut and more/Coffee on the Cut

Mutt-Hut and more/Coffee on the Cut
Selling Doggy Clothes and Accessories and at the same time have a cup of Coffee
Hazel Priest 07885 442012
That’s It – (60) foot Narrowboat

Nancy May Crochet

Nancy May Crochet
Gorgeous Hand-made crochet items for adult, child and baby, including prems.
Janice Price 07715929044
Drifter – (58) foot Narrowboat
Hand made crafts

Nancy Moo's Willy Nilly

Nancy Moo’s Willy Nilly
Jewellery, incense, designer tee-shirts and the Brilliant BoatZega!
Jeanette Freynet
Coxy – (60) foot
Jewellery and fine beads (hand made)

NB Hekla Pop-Up Gallery

NB Hekla Pop-Up Gallery
Drawings, Paintings, Illustrations, Illustrated maps & Books.
Lesley Pearson
Hekla – (57) foot Narrowboat
Artists, sculptors and designers

Northern Lights

Northern Lights
Northern lights hanging light shining prism crystals and other mobiles.
Clare Abbott
Northern Lights – (50) foot Narrowboat
Hand made crafts

Oat cakes que sara sara
Kay Mundy
Que Sara Sara – () foot Narrowboat
Catering, floating cafes and home brewing supplies

On the Bill at Widgeon Theatreboat
MJ Morgan
Widgeon – (71.6) foot Narrowboat

Open Hatch

Open Hatch
Nautical themed gifts and take-away refreshments.
Jane Seeley
Dunstressin – (65) foot Widebeam

Philip Ball Art
Original artwork and soft furnishings
Linda Randeria
Into the Mystic – (48) foot Narrowboat

PJ Fenders
Paul Howland
Panda Julienne – () foot Narrowboat
Boat services, fenders and rope work

Karl Wager 07857056867
Mr Badger – (45) foot Narrowboat

Rambling rose canal ware

Rambling rose canal ware
Hand painted canal ware based on the staffordshire and worcs canal
Rose ashley
Rambles – (40) foot Narrowboat

RHR Soap

RHR Soap
Gift soap * Gorgeous Soap * Guest Soap * 100% handmade body products.
Tasim Persaud 07544254618
B’s Nest – (50) foot Narrowboat

Roanoke the Illustrators Boat

Roanoke the Illustrators Boat
Custom Illustration, original paintings, greetings cards and crafts.
Sophia Shaw
Roanoke – (42) foot Narrowboat

Roger Whitham
Fine Artist
Roger Whitham 07428903399
Blue Belle – (60) foot Narrowboat
Artists, sculptors and designers

Rona's Beads Aboard

Rona’s Beads Aboard
Handmade unique design gemstone bead necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
Rona Hawes
Unfazed – (60) foot Widebeam
Hand made crafts

Shop on the Water

Shop on the Water
Stockists of Welsh Raw Honey, and Natural Beeswax Products.
Jackie Warren 07721000123
Half a Shilling – (60) foot Narrowboat
Hand made crafts

Stella Bella Trading Co

Stella Bella Trading Co
Hand crafts from traditional painting to the spinning wheel!
Jackie Evans 07841610440
Kelly-Ann – (55) foot Narrowboat

Stitch Militz the Sewing Boat
Militza McCarthy
Mudskipper – (69) foot Narrowboat

Paul Derry
Chesters Gal – (60) foot Narrowboat
Boat services, fenders and rope work


Tank and diesel cleaning! Filtering to 1 micron and water Down-to 100ppm
Philip bower
Hakudo Maru – (57) foot Widebeam

The Art Boat

The Art Boat
Paintings, Prints and Gifts inspired by the canals
Jan Vallance
Tonka – (50) foot Narrowboat
Artists, sculptors and designers

The Battle Barge

The Battle Barge
Military clothing and equipment for Boaters, towpath users and everyone else!
Jason Clarke 07552225811
SOSSIJ – (65) foot Narrowboat

The Beer Boat Co

The Beer Boat Co
Carriers of real ale, wine & cider.
John O’Dea
Miss Ellie No 2 – (67) foot Narrowboat

The Crafty Canal Cruising Co
Hand made fabric phone, glasses, make-up, pencil cases, purses, bags, peg bags
Philippa Eyre
Our Elsa – (55) foot Narrowboat

The Cut Glass Boat

The Cut Glass Boat
Handmade stained glass decorative art, sun catchers and cards
Megan Fothergill
Mervyn – (62) foot Narrowboat

The Doggie Boat

The Doggie Boat
The Doggie Boat sells gifts for furpals & dog loving humans
Sandra Willis
Golden Boyz – (57) foot Narrowboat
Pet/equestrian supplies and services

The Floating Cake Shop (Rawlings Cakes)

The Floating Cake Shop (Rawlings Cakes)
Gluten free, egg and dairy free cakes, waffles, teas, coffees and soft drinks
Ali Rawlings
Captain Barbossa – (56) foot Narrowboat

The Herb Boat

The Herb Boat
Herbs, Spices and all manner of lovely and curious things
Susan Cotton
Herbidacious – (53) foot Narrowboat
Herbs, holistic and alternative therapies

The Hippie Boat (incorporating The Floating Fairy Shop)
Julia Arman
Molly – (57) foot Narrowboat
Eco friendly/organic/fair trade products

The Mad Hatter
Lorraine Stevenson-Wood
The Mad Hatter – () foot Narrowboat

The Narrow Junk Food Boat

The Narrow Junk Food Boat
Bernadette Zahl
The Narrow Junk Food Boat – (50) foot Narrowboat

The Pen Maker’s Boat
James Ward
Lois Jane – () foot Narrowboat
Hand made crafts

The Quirky Cutlery Store
Deborah Hayes
Bindi Queen – (65) foot

The Village Butty
A floating village hall! Events, workshops, bar, cafe, mini-market, hire
Alice Cade 07812 179486
Marilynn – (57) foot Narrowboat

The Wool Baa

The Wool Baa
Handknitting and crochet yarns, accessories and ready made items
Lynn Mepham
Next To Nothing – (33) foot Narrowboat
Hand made crafts

The Wool Boat
Colin Wareing
Emma Maye – () foot
Knitting, crochet and needlework


Travelling Decorative Ropework and Fairtrade Clothing & Giftware Emporium <I:0)
Ronni Payne 07958001902
The Great Escape – (58) foot Narrowboat

Towpath Timber
Awesome merchandise crafted from reclaimed timber. Bespoke work undertaken
Matthew Carlon
Sapphire – (24) foot Cruiser

Towpath Tipples

Towpath Tipples
Craft Cider Fruit Wines Championing all thats Wonderfull from natures Flavours..
Martin Lloyd
Angelwood – (58) foot Narrowboat

Tree Spirit Carvings
Graham Hollington
Ecostream – () foot
Wood sculptors/carvers/crafters

incorporating Nanas Attic and Fairynuff. Reiki on the Cut
Teresa Tunnicliffe,
Rainbow Chaser – (60) foot Narrowboat

Wendy B's floating art gallery

Wendy B’s floating art gallery
I'm an artist running my gallery from my boat and fb page.
Wendy Baughn
Dreamcatcher – (65ft) foot Narrowboat

Wire Art by Nickie

Wire Art by Nickie
Various Hanging Wall Art Sun Catchers Jewellery all Hand Made on my Narrowboat
Nickie Stanley
Kernow – (60) foot Narrowboat

wyldwood legal services
Advice , guidance such as wills, living power of attorney, name change
Louise Haycock 0121 788 1234
Saruman – (57) foot Narrowboat